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The Kuwait Gifted Project: A partnership between Purdue College of Education’s Gifted Education Resource Institute and the Sabah al-Ahmad Center for Giftedness and Creativity

The vision for this project is to develop a prestigious STEM Academy for high potential Kuwaiti students who will attend top-tier universities around the world and ultimately become Kuwait’s innovative, creative, and intellectual leaders.

With a goal of attracting and educating students with high potential for excellence, creativity, and innovation in STEM disciplines, we identify and develop curricula; work with educators on teaching for talent development; and serve as advisors to the project team members at the SACGC.

We envision the following outcomes:

Outcome: Develop effective identification, screening, and application procedures that fit with the concept of the STEM Academy School.

Outcome: Create exemplary teacher-education development practices in gifted, creative, and talented education, specifically related to the STEM disciplines and the social, emotional, and academic needs of gifted youth.

Outcome: Implement gifted education pedagogy in intra- and interdisciplinary contexts and in a variety of settings (e.g., school, community, extra-curricular, summer academic camps) that focuses on the whole child.

Outcome: Integrate technology across the academic curriculum; it will be ubiquitous and integral in everyday learning experiences

Outcome: Use of 21st century facilities; cutting edge methods; hands-on, inquiry-based learning, and attention to cognitive and affective needs yields graduates who enter top universities.

Outcome: Become a model magnet school for the region and globally in innovative educational practices in developing STEM talents.

Outcome: Enact a program evaluation using formative and summative techniques to assess attainment of the outcomes.

If you have access to the Kuwait Gifted Project, click HERE.