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Super Summer Programs

If you need to reach a GERI staff member at any time, day or night, please call the GERI cell phone at (765) 412-7002.

super summer

Download our 2016 Super Summer Brochure!

Is your child ready for an outstanding summer learning experience that includes problem-based learning, critical and creative thinking partnered with high level content that is experienced and shared with other motivated, high ability students?  If so, the Super Summer Program might be just the ticket!  This summer students will experience a day long concept-based curriculum that includes interdisciplinary explorations in both the humanities (language arts and social studies) and STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math)disciplines.  Students, grouped according to their current grade level, will explore topics ranging from the sun, moon, and stars, creating a community, and epidemiology while relating that content to the concepts of Relationships, Change, and Perseverance.   Students will make important connections across disciplines and understand how content can be used to create products individually and in small groups while developing a deeper understanding of the concepts: relationships, change, and perseverance.  Students will also have the opportunity to experience other enrichment activities such as art, music, language, etc. during Super Summer.

Super Summer 2016

  Two, one-week sessions in 2016 are offered. 

Session 1: June 13-17 from 8:00 to 5:00 

Session 2: June 20-24 from 8:00 to 5:00  


2016 Program Registration Fees

One week, full-day program:
$290 per child

Both weeks, full-day program:
$550 per child

Family rate, two or more children from the same family:
$275 per child, per week

What makes Super Summer Super?

Small Classes - class sizes are limited to 12 students for the  PreK-2nd and 16 for 3rd-4th to enable our instructors to work effectively with each student. 

High-Quality Teachers – Our caring teachers are knowledgeable and enthusiastic about working with GERI students. They receive special training and ongoing support from the GERI team to meet the special needs of high-ability children, to ensure that students get personalized attention. 

Challenge – Classes provide authentic, hands-on learning experiences that encourage creative thinking, problem solving, and exploration of student interests in an environment that values creativity, diversity, and achievement. 

Enjoyment – Students enjoy learning interesting content in an interactive environment. High-ability students have the opportunity to connect with other bright students in an enjoyable setting who share their enthusiasm for learning. 

Community of Talents -  During this time students work with staff to understand and appreciate their strengths and the strengths of others. Collaboration, communication, and thinking skills are emphasized using simulations and scenarios to help them understand how "together, we can make a difference in the world."

Program Details

  • Course Offerings
  • Program Details
  • How to Apply - Registration is on going until the first day of the session. However, the online registration site has been closed. To register your child please contact the coordinator, Anne Gray, at 765-494-7240 or gray118@purdue.edu. 

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